Tuesday, June 16, 2015

BSFTC Open SD Classic Companion Stakes winners

Open All Age Derby: Jim Adrian with Liberty's Wild and Free, John Mahoney with Touch's Lady Liberty, Darrel Curtis with Manteo's White Ivy; behind Chris Perkins, Josh Sutherland, Kim Sampson, Gerry McLarney, Tom Nygard, Michelle Sutton, Dave Noell with his Blue Solo Cup, Austin Turley, Rich Heaton, Doug Favor, Lilian Favor, Shannon Nygard, Mike Robbins, and Mike Mathews

Open Shooting Dog Derby:  John Mahoney with Olfactor, Jim Adrian with Touch's Lady Liberty , and Darrel Curtis with Manteo's White Ivy

Open All Age: Allen Davis with Mountain Lulu, Gerry McLarney with Poncho's Monte Carlo, John McIltrot with Touch's Hailstone

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