Thursday, August 30, 2012

Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners

Judges Sean Kelly of Cardston, Alberta and Harold Chadwick of Grantsville, Utah named pointer male, HOT TOPIC, handled by Sean Kinkelaar, the new 2012 Montana Shooting Dog Champion. The Big Sky Field Trial Club's own Austin Turley took runner up honors with his pointer male, TOUCH'S MATCH POINT.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Montana Derby - WINNERS

From left in front: Dee Nix with Hot Roxy, Blake Eaton with Beckworth's Fireworks, Greg Sand with Collateral Damage
Back row: Tom Nygard (judge), Jason Williams, Jamie Brightwell, Dave Noell (judge)

1st: Collateral Damage, PM, owned by Ray Robert, Fairland, Oklahoma, handled by Jamie Brightwell
2nd: Login, PF, owned by Allen York & Richard Hudson, Louisville, Georgia, handled by Jason Williams
3rd: Hot Roxy, PF, owned and handled by Dee Nix, Fletcher, Oklahoma

Friday, August 17, 2012

National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship DRAW

Start Time: 6:30 - 6:45 am
6 braces per day (with next brace available to run)

  1a True Confidence PF Frank Lanasa 1b Neely's Hot Pepper PF John Neely
  2a Match Point PM Austin Turley 2b Flintstone SM Dennis Hidalgo
  3a Nemaha Rebel PM Pat Mcinteer 3b Touchstone SM Roger Boser
  4a Sand Creek Holly PF Dr C.A. Hjerpe 4b Jordin (In Season) SF Bonnie Hidalgo
  5a Rester's Wild Jack PM Cecil Rester 5b Houston's Black Jack SM Frank Lanasa
  6a Ridge Creek Cody PM Larry Brutger 6b Waygoing Amy PF Mike Stephens
  7a Breakstone SM Roger Boser 7b Nemaha Yankee PM Pat Mcinteer
  8a Neely's Strictly Business PM John Neely 8b Lil Miss Sunshine PF Frank Lanasa
  9a Mona's Star B SM Marion Brown 9b Tucalota's Rubee PF Ed Mayhew
  10a Ten Oaks Cinco PM Lou Qualitere 10b Nemaha Road Map PM Pat Mcinteer
  11a Shadow's Bewitched PF John Neely 11b Traveler's Prairie Sioux SF Greg Sand
  12a First Class Silver Colt PM Vernon Vance 12b Shadow's Effigy PF John Neely
  13a Homemade PF Frank Lanasa 13b Rester's Mutual Fund PF Cecil Rester
  14a Jango Jett PM Austin Turley 14b Power Touch B SF Marion Brown
  15a Full Force Buck PM Dennis Hidalgo 15b Gin N Tonic Livewire SF Dave Noell
  16a Sand Creek Max PM Dr. C A. Hjerpe 16b Pride's Southern Attitude PF Dennis Hidalgo
  17a Rester's Fannie Mae PF Cecil Rester 17b Waygoing Hoot PM Mike Stephens
  18a Rocky Knoll Peaches SF Patrick Lockhart 18b K Nines Tucalota Chance PM Ed Mayhew
  19a Lucky Me PM Steve Geller 19b Houston's Blue Diamond SM Ross Leonard