Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

The Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship returns to Circle and the Signal Rocks Ranch in May of 2012. The major difference will be that it is being hosted as a Spring event vs. the time honored Fall spectacle. The effort here is to make the timing work for the benefit of members of the region.

It is well known that Region 14 is a very large and spread out geographic area. Members from northern Alberta and Saskatchewan have commonly had little time to get their dogs ready for the Region Championships when the area's weather doesn't cooperate. August is too early in the fall to avoid the hazards of spear grass and March or April is too early in the spring to avoid the snow that commonly lingers in the north. The May date is our answer to these difficulties.

None the less, all are welcome and a call for entries is hereby made. We expect a good turnout and the weather to be much cooler then regularly experienced in August.

This will also mean that the Big Sky Open Shooting Dog Classic will be moved to Winifred. More announcements will be forthcoming.

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