Friday, January 14, 2011

Region 14 AFTCA Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of Region 14 of the AFTCA was held in Medicine Hat, Alberta and interesting news abounds. Stoughton, Saskatchewan was selected as the sight for the 2011 Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship replacing Circle, Montana. The trial is scheduled to be moved into September on that venue.

Mortlach, Saskatchewan was once again selected as the sight for the Region 14 Amateur All Age and will be  held in conjunction with the Prairie All Age Championships and the National Amateur Chicken Championship.

Region 14 Dogs of the Year were announced and several members of the BSFTC were winners of various honors. Tim Owen of Bozeman, Montana won the DOY for the Shooting Dog Derby for his BSFTC Dog of the Year, setter female, Winchester's Juno. John Junilla gained honors for the Region 14 Dog of the Year for the All Age Derby for his pointer male, Jobars Big Sky Pete. And finally, Tom Nygard won the All Age Dog of the year with his dog, I B Anxious and capped that with the Abercrombie Award signifying the Overall (high point) Dog of the Year in Region 14.

Congratulations to everyone!