Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012 Big Sky Open Shooting Dog Classic

Tim Owen of D.A. Davidson & Co. and Berryhill Walkers, Bozeman, MT,  has joined our list of sponsors for the Big Sky Open Shooting Dog Classic. Tim has generously supplied a Gun X stainless steel, blued pistol with a walnut grip for the winner.

Terry Walsh of Upland Electric, Castor, AB, continues his support of the trial by donating a handmade holster created by Windfall Leather works.

Larry Nelson, Tuffy's Nutri-Source Dog foods, has once again continued his generous support of our trial.  Dog food will be provided for the winners. Tuffy's has supported this trial since its inception.

The Big Sky Field Trial Club would like to express our gratitude to these generous sponsor's and ask that you support their business's whenever possible.

The annual Big Sky Open Shooting Dog Classic date is being altered to May 4, 5, and 6.  This date has been chosen in an effort to better accommodate trialers from throughout our region as well as the surrounding regions.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

BSFTC Annual Meeting

The Big Sky Field Trial Club will hold it's annual meeting on November 19 (Saturday) at 11:00 a.m. at the Yogo Inn in Lewistown, Montana. Individuals with topics that they would like to see discussed at the annual meeting should contact President of the club, Austin Turley (

We look forward to seeing everyone in Lewistown.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

BSFTC/Great Falls - Results

Open Shooting Dog:
1)  Blackhawk's Pony Express, EPM - handled by Justin Wiseman, owned by Whitley Stephenson
2)  Manteo's Mattie Blaylock, ISF - handled by Doug McKenzie, owned by Paul Falkowsky
3)  Rocky Knoll Peaches, ESF - owned and handled by Pat Lockhart

Open All Age:
1)  Prairie Crude, EPM - handled by Glenn Conover, owned by Shawn Conover
2)  Rock On, ISM - owned and handled by Doug McKenzie
3)  Rocky Knoll Peaches, ESF - owned and handled by Pat Lockhart

Amateur Shooting Dog:
1)  Busterado, EPM - owned and handled by Austin Turley
2)  Rocky Knoll Peaches, ESF - owned and handled by Pat Lockhart
3)  Glory Time Jack, ESM - owned and handled by Shannon Nygard

Open Derby (Shooting Dog):
1)  Jango Fett, EPM - owned and handled by Austin Turley
2)  Circle Grit & Grace, EPF - owned and handled by Shannon Nygard
3)  Circle Silverwood Oak, EFM - owned and handled by Shannon Nygard

Open Derby (All Age):
1)  Ramblin' Prairie Sampson, EPM - owned and handled by Brad McCardle
2)  Phantom's Slimbucktoo, EPM - handled by Justin Wiseman
3)  Phantom's Maggie May, EPF - handled by Justin Wiseman

Friday, October 14, 2011


Idaho Open Shooting Dog Championship:

Ridge Creek Cody, three-year-old setter male owned by Larry Brutger of Saint Cloud Minn., and handled by Shawn Kinkelaar, was crowned champion of the Idaho Open Shooting Dog Championship over 28 other contenders. Our own Austin Turley, Big Sky Field Trial Club President, handled Railita, pointer female, also owned by him, to the runner up title. She had a wide, strong race and a superb find on a sharptail. This marks one National Amateur Championship and two Runner Up, Open Championship titles for Vi this fall. Congratulations Austin!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Montana Shooting Dog Championship

From left: Butch Nelson (judge), Austin Turley w/Railita, Dave Noell, Kieth Martin w/Dogwood Meg, Jarry Walton (judge), Sean Kinkelaar

JUDGES - Butch Nelson, Denton, Montana  & Jarry Walton, Reno, Nevada

WINNER - DOGWOOD MEG, PF   Sean Kinkelaar, handler,  owner, Miles Watkin & Clay NalleyRU - RAILITA, PF - Austin Turley, owner & handler

Montana Open Derby

Montana Open Derby

1st - LF X-Man PM Tommy Liesfield Owner/Hnadler
2nd - Prairie Rambling Samson PM Brad McCardle Owner/Handler
3rd - Jack PM Chris George/ Owner & Jason Williams/Handler

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship Draw

Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011, 6:30 a.m. Starts!

1a - Bittercreek Roxie - SM - Bill Owen, handler
1b - Rockacre Gitterdone - PM - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
2a - Katie - SF - Justin Wiseman, handler
2b - Miller’s Atomic Rain - PF *in season* - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
3a - Winchester’s Hytest Dutch - SM - Tim Owen, handler
3b - Burrows Mason Dixon Line - PM - Jason Williams, handler
4a - Tucalota’s Rubee - PF - Ed Mayhew, handler
4b - Lights Out - PM - Jason Williams, handler
5a - Railita - SF - Austin Turley, handler
5b - Comeback Tuffy - ISF *in season* - Jason Williams, handler
6a - Jordin - Bonnie Hidalgo, handler
6b - Showtime Juliette - PF - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
7a - Phillips Storm Front - PM - Shannon Nygard, handler
7b - Coveyrise’s Rascal - PM - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
8a - Pride’s Southern Attitude - PM - Scott Wilson, handler
8b - Four River’s Covergirl - PF - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
9a - Hawthorne’s Big Shooter - PM - Jim Tande, handler
9b - Ward’s Rocking Robinhawk - PF - Jason Williams, handler
10a - Lindley’s Cloudy Days - Kim Sampson, handler
10b - Hot topic - PF - Sean Kinkelaar, handle
11a - Bronco Springs Pricilla - SF - Bill Owen, handler
11b - Ridge Creek Cody - SM - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
12a - West Mountain Sunny Days - ISM - Kim Sampson, handler
12b - Dogwood Meg - PF - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
13a - Bronco Springs Trouble - SM - Bill Owen, handler
13b - Touch’s Hard Times - PM - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
14a - Full Force Buck - PM - Scott Wilson
14b - Coverise Offlee Amazin - PM - Sean Kinkelaar
15a - Picking Time - PM - Jim Tande, handler
15b - Insider - SM - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
16a - Upland Elhew Aya - PF *in season* - Kim Sampson handler
16b - Shattered - PF - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
17a - Black Crude Joe - PM - John Junnila handler
17b - Ward’s Danhawk - PM - Jason Williams, handler
18a - Winchester’s Juno - SF - Tim Owen, handler
18b - Dubose’s Flash - PM - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
19a - Rocky Knoll Peaches - SF - Pat Lockhart, handler
19b - Blackhawk Tex - PM - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
20a - Lester’s Cobra - PM - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
20b - Showtimes Charlie Chan - PM - Jason Williams, handler
21a - House’s Smoke Signal - PM - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
21b - Street Sense - PM - Jason Williams, handler
22a - Just Big - PM - Scott Wilson, handler
22b - Island Grove Revenge - PM - Sean Kinkelaar, handler
23a - Comeback Silver - ISM - Jason Williams, handler

National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship

From  left: Tom Nygard, Shannon Nygard, Rick Steen, Minnet Jones, Ike Todd, Austin Turley w/Railita, John Todd, Michelle Tansey, Don Todd, Tim Fullerton (Judge), Issaah Todd, Scot Wilson, Dennis Hildalgo w/Breakstone, Jim Tande (Judge), Glenn Conover (Earl Dean), Dr. Roger Boser, Dr. Charlie Hjerpe, Mike Stevens, Shawn Conover.

Champion RAILITA, PF - Owned and handled by Austin Turley
Runner Up Champion BREAKSTONE, ISM - Owned and handled by Dr. Roger Boser

Sunday, July 31, 2011


We'd like to remind everyone that this year you need to call, fax or email your entries to Linda Hunt for the National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship. There will be no arriving at Circle with an entry because it will have already been drawn on the 15th! Don't be disappointed, get it done early!

Phone #'s: 901-465-1556, 901-484-5148(cell)
Fax: 901-465-0427