Sunday, August 22, 2010

Montana Open Derby, 2010

1a) Stan the Man, PM, Travis Gelhaus
1b) Dusty, PM,  Justin Wiseman
2a) Stormy, PF, Glenn Conover
2b) Saddle Up Sally, PF, Sonny Clark
3a) Niecie, PF, Doug Ray
3b) Carbonado Ranchita, PF, Austin Turley
4a) Swing for the Fence, PM, Travis Gelhaus
4b) Hawthorn Showoff, PF, Jim Tande
5a) Lady, PF, Justin Wiseman
5b) Hawthorn Showgirl, PF, Jim Tande
6a) Girt, SM, Justin Wiseman
6b) High & Tight, SM, Jim Tande
7a) Echo, PF, Doug Ray
7b) Jackie, PF, Shannon Nygard
8a) Traveler’s Prairie Sioux, SF, Greg Sand
8b) Hawthorn Victory, PF, Jim Tande
9a) Pam, SF, Marion Brown
9b) Max, SM, Shannon Nygard
10a) Junior, PM, Glenn Conover
10b) Beckworth Ginger, PF, Travis Gelhaus
11a) Hawthorn Little Scooter, PF, Jim Tande
11b) Thunderbird Ace of Spades, PM, Travis Gelhaus
12a) Rick, PM, Justin Wiseman
12b) Wild Blue Yonder, PF, Travis Gelhaus

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