Sunday, December 26, 2010

Region 14 AFTCA Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of Region 14 of the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, which encompasses Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Montana, will be held at the Comfort Inn in Medicine Hat, Alberta, at 12 o'clock noon,  on January 8th, 2011. Room reservations may be made by calling 403.504.1700. It is suggested that those planing to attend make reservations soon as only a small block of rooms has been set aside for our group and will only be held for a short period.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

2010 Montana Dog of the Year

The Big Sky Field Trial Club is pleased to announce the winner of the 2010 Montana Dog of the Year. Coming 3 year old setter female, Winchester's Juno, owned and handled by Tim Owen of Bozeman, Montana was announced as this years winner. Photo, pedigree and further information to follow. Congratulations Tim!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Big Sky Field Trial Club Annual Meeting

The BSFTC has scheduled it's annual meeting. It will be Saturday, Dec 4th at the Yogo Inn in Lewistown, Montana at 11:00 a.m. All are welcome and invited.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Big Sky Field Trial Club members have been on a mighty roll for the last month. Austin Turley's reigning BSFTC Dog of the Year, pointer female, Railita, claiming a 1st place in the Wolf Den Amateur All Age Classic in North Dakota. Tom Nygard winning the National Amateur Chicken Championship in Mortlach, Saskatchewan with pointer female, I B Anxious, John Todd winning the Region 9 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship with pointer female, Willow Creek Aunt Peg (a litter-mate to Railita and handled to the Championship by Austin Turley) and Dave Noell winning the Idaho Open Shooting Dog Championship with setter female, Magic City Sunrise. Both of those events held down in American Falls, Idaho just a week ago. As we wind down our club stakes and the Region trials come to a seasonal close we can all think back on our friends and families and thank them for having made it possible for us to participate in this wonderful activity. Thanks to all!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship results

The 2010 Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship is in the record books. With 54 dogs entered, winning the 2010 inauguration was 3x Champion Lone Mountain Magique, tri-colored, setter female owned and handled by Sean Kelly of Cardston, Alberta. Runner-Up honors were earned by Way Better Rex, black and white, pointer male owned and handled by Carl Bishop from Punxsutawhey, Pennsylvania.

2010 Montana Shooting Dog Championship results

The Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship has concluded at the storied grounds near Circle, Montana. With a field of 63 competing Heaven’s Elhew Taggert came up the 2010 Champion. A white and orange pointer male owned by David J. Gates of Mahtomedi, Minnesota, and handled by Travis Gellhaus. Runner-up Champion resulted in Picking Time, also a white and orange pointer male owned by Chuck Wingard of Blackduck, Minnesota, and handled by Jim Tande.

In the accompanying Montana Open Derby, which had 24 entries, the results were as follows:

1st -  Cassique's Amazing Grace, PF, Doug Ray
2nd - Bad Prairie Dust Storm, PM,  Justin Wiseman
3rd - Hawthorn Showoff, PF, Jim Tande

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Montana Open Derby, 2010

1a) Stan the Man, PM, Travis Gelhaus
1b) Dusty, PM,  Justin Wiseman
2a) Stormy, PF, Glenn Conover
2b) Saddle Up Sally, PF, Sonny Clark
3a) Niecie, PF, Doug Ray
3b) Carbonado Ranchita, PF, Austin Turley
4a) Swing for the Fence, PM, Travis Gelhaus
4b) Hawthorn Showoff, PF, Jim Tande
5a) Lady, PF, Justin Wiseman
5b) Hawthorn Showgirl, PF, Jim Tande
6a) Girt, SM, Justin Wiseman
6b) High & Tight, SM, Jim Tande
7a) Echo, PF, Doug Ray
7b) Jackie, PF, Shannon Nygard
8a) Traveler’s Prairie Sioux, SF, Greg Sand
8b) Hawthorn Victory, PF, Jim Tande
9a) Pam, SF, Marion Brown
9b) Max, SM, Shannon Nygard
10a) Junior, PM, Glenn Conover
10b) Beckworth Ginger, PF, Travis Gelhaus
11a) Hawthorn Little Scooter, PF, Jim Tande
11b) Thunderbird Ace of Spades, PM, Travis Gelhaus
12a) Rick, PM, Justin Wiseman
12b) Wild Blue Yonder, PF, Travis Gelhaus

2010 Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship

63 contenders drawn to be judged by Jim Michaletz and Mike Griffin.

1a)  Gypsy’s Elhew Hanah, PF, Jason Williams
1b) Heaven’s Houdini Gates, PM, Travis Gelhaus
2a) Awsum Angel, SF, Sean Kinkelaar
2b) Prairieland Kate, PF, Justin Wiseman
3a) Lester’s Chism Trail, PM, Jason Williams
3b)  Picking Time, PM, Jim Tande
4a) Skyview Ace, SM, Travis Gelhaus
4b) Smarty Smith, SM, Doug Ray
5a) S. F. Pocketknife, PM, Sean Kinkelaar
5b) Magnotta’s Pinot Noir, SM - Travis Gelhaus
6a)  Salty Dog Playmaker, PM, Marvin McDowell
6b) Beckworth Zeke, PM, Travis Gelhaus

7a) Barbaro, SM, Doug Ray
7b) Phillip’s Storm Front, PM, Jason Williams
8a) Leo’s Anna, PF, Doug Ray
8b) Ridge Creek Cody, SM, Sean Kinkelaar
9a)  Comeback Tough, RSF, Jason Williams
9b)  Hawthorn Big Shooter, PM, Jim Tande
10a) Island Grove Revenge, PM, Sean  Kinkelaar
10b) Bittersweet Delux, PM, Travis Gelhaus
11a) Hardup Road Jessie, PF, Doug Ray
11b) Coveyrise Offlee Amazin, PM, Sean Kinkelaar
12a) Four River Covergirl, PF, Sean Kinkelaar
12b) Duke’s Berlla Dancer, PF   ********IN SEASON*******, Travis Gelhaus

13a) Sparrowhawk, PF, Jason Williams
13b) Zumbro Molly Mae, PF *******IN SEASON*******, Travis Gelhaus
14a) Ward’s Rockin’ Robinhawk, PF, Jason Williams
14b) I B Anxious, PF, Tom Nygard
15a) Magic City Sunrise, SF, Dave Noel
15b) Railita, PF, Austin Turley
16a) My Mustang Sally, PF, Doug Ray
16b) Four River Crusader, PF, Sean Kinkelaar
17a) Heaven’s Elhew Taggert, PM, Travis Gelhaus
17b) Glory Attack Jack, SM, Shannon Nygard
18a) Class Act Bandit, SM, Travis Gelhaus
18b) Shattered, PF , Sean Kinkelaar

19a) Bomberstone Diva, SF, Sean Kinkelaar
19b) Cassiques Low Rider, PM, Doug Ray
20a) Comeback Silverado, PM, Jason Williams
20b) Hytest Spymaster, SM, Jim Tande
21a) Thunderbird Skydancer, SM, Travis Gelhaus
21b) Cassiques Boss, PM, Doug Ray
22a) Cassiques Blue Ridge, PF, Doug Ray
22b) Zumbro Ace, PM, Travis Gelhaus
23a) Kaw Valley Sam, PM, Marvin McDowell
23b) Our Rowdy Friend, SM, Dave Noel
24a) Merrihill Carolina, PF, Sean Kinkelaar
24b) Bridge’s Lake Pat, PF, Doug Ray

25a) Hot Topic, PF, Sean Kinkelaar
25b) Thunderbird Punch Buggy, SM, Travis Gelhaus
26a) Street Sense, PM, Jason Williams
26b) Tall Oaks Cotton, PF, Jim Smith
27a) Eboga Doc, PM, Jason Williams
27b) Bloomer’s Elhew Luke, PM, Marvin McDowell
28a) Mom’s Apple Pie, PF, Jason Williams
28b) Pure Outlaw, PM, Travis Gelhaus
29a) Miller’s Atomic Rain, PF, Sean Kinkelaar
29b) Carablue’s Tootsie, PF, Jim Smith
30a) Ace Freehley, PM, Sean Kinkelaar
30b) Skydancer Making Time, SM, Travis Gelhaus

31a) Merrihill Dakota, PF, Sean Kinkelaar
31b) Fearless Little Bit, PF, Marvin McDowell
32a) Cassiques Bohicket, PM , Doug Ray

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Drawing 2010 Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

 1a) Lily’s Hunting Cry - ES, female - Greg Sand
1b) Mantao Mattie - RS, female - Paul Falkowski (handled by Sean Kelly)
2a) Neely’s Strictly Business - EP, male - John Neely
2b) Traveler Prairie Run, ES, female - Greg Sand
3a) Jackson’s White Line - EP, female - Mike Jackson
3b) Nemaha Taxi - EP, male - Pat McInteer
4a) Glory Attack Jack - ES, male - Shannon Nygard
4b) Lovet’s Cutin’ & Struttin’ - EP, male - John Neely
5a) Sand Creek Yeller - EP, male - Charlie Hjerpe
5b) Neely’s Hot Pepper - EP, male - John Neely
6a) High Falutin’ - EP, female - ********IN SEASON - Neil Walker
6b)  Lady Star B - ES, female - ********IN SEASON - Marion Brown

 7a) Waygoing Rip - EP, male - Mike Stevens
 7b) Clovis Point Ty - EP, male - Neil Walker
 8a) Blue Issue - ES, male - Donnie Mullins
8b) Billy Jackson - ES, male - Don Dack
9a) Busterado - EP, female - Austin Turley
9b) Neely’s New York - EP, female - John Neely
10a) Touchstone B - ES, female - Marion Brown
10b) Hardup Road Jessie - EP, female *******IN SEASON - Tim Moore 
11a) Waygoing Hoot - EP, male - Mike Stevens
11b) Touchclass B - ES, female - Marion Brown
12a) Way Better Jade - EP, female - Carl Bishop
12b) Our Rowdy Friend - ES, male - Dave Noel

13a) Touch Angel B - ES, female - Marion Brown
13b) Lone Mountain Magique - ES, female - Sean Kelly
14a) Railita - EP, female - Austin Turley
14b) Heard’s Hill Queen Mary - EP, female, Buck & Lynn Heard (handled by John Neely)
15a) Bearwallor Lefty - EP, male - Donnie Mullins
15b) RJ’s Final Shot - EP, male - Neil Walker
16a) Touchstar B - ES, male - Marion Brown
16b) Traveler Prairie Girl, ES, female - Greg Sand
17a) Flatland’s By Design - EP, female - Dave Pearson
17b) Breakstone - RS, male - Roger Boser
18a) Mesaba Iron - EP, male - Don Dack
18b) Sandcreek Max - EP, male - Charlie Hjerpe

19a) Class Act Special - EP, male - Neil Walker
19b) Way Better Rex - EP, male - Carl Bishop
20a) Against the Wind (Joey) - ES, male - Sean Kelly
20b) I B Anxious - EP, female - Tom Nygard
21a) Salty Dog Playmaker, EP, male - Jeff Fraser
21b) RJ's Hardcopy - EP, male - Neil Walker
22a) Lucky Me - EP, male - Steve Geller
22b) Salty Dog Sugar - EP, male - Jeff Fraser
23a) Spectacular Goldstreak - EP, male - Neil Walker
23b) Houston’s Blue Diamond (Sam) - ES, male - Ross Leonard
24a) Touchstone - RS, male - Roger Boser
24b)Phillip’s Storm Front - EP, male - Shannon Nygard

25a) Traveler Prairie Sioux, ES, female - Greg Sand
25b) Bridges Lake Pat - EP, female *******IN SEASON - Tim Moore
26a) Flatland’s Tuff Anuff - EP, male - Dave Pearson
26b) Class Act Mark - EP, male - Neil Walker
27a) Magic City Sunrise - ES, female - Dave Noel
28b) Zumbro Ace - EP, male - Dale Windhorst

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Upcoming Championships

Handlers are invited to send in their entries via email if need be:

Also a phone has been added for the day of the draw: 406.485.2280

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Change in judges for 2010 Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

Regretfully, Jim Cohen has had to excuse himself from judging the 2010 Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship scheduled for August 18 - 22, 2010 in Circle, Montana. We are pleased to announce that Mr. Bob McDavid from Tallahassee, Florida has consented to replace him. Many are familiar with Bob McDavid, as he's a common sight at southern trials including the Continental Championships and the Masters Championships where he has judged in previous years. While we are very sorry to hear that Jim Cohen has had to step aside, we are delighted that Bob McDavid has filled his shoes. We don't believe we've skipped a beat.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We've made a mistake with our ad this year and wish to announce it right away. Winner and Runner-up will split 50% of the entries following our annual landowners donation. If there are any questions please call Austin Turley or Tom Nygard. Contact information is posted on our ad.

Tom Nygard

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Judges Announced for 2010 Championships

The Big Sky Field Trial Club is happy to announce that it has secured the judicial services of Mr. Jim Michaletz, Goodman, Missouri and Mr. Mike Griffin, Stillwell, Oklahoma for the 2010 Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship. Reporter this year will be Mr. Tom Nygard, Bozeman, Montana. 

Region 14 is equally delighted to announce that Mr. Jim Cohen, Fayetteville, Ohio and Mr. John Mandell, Gallatin Gateway, Montana will fill the judges saddles for the Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship. The reporter is yet to be announced.

Further plans are being made for the 2010 Shooting Dog Championships this year. We are happy to announce that, in preparation for the potential heat of the fall months, we have added independent, dog watering tanks to all six courses and have horse waterers strategically placed on 3 of the six courses. We believe that we're covered for the potential of extreme heat and the running of dogs and horses. Nightly refills of all of the water tanks will be made to insure adequate water for our dogs and horses.

More announcements will be made shortly.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 Montana Open Shooting Dog Classic

The Big Sky Open Shooting Dog Classic was once again held north of Circle, Montana in the Buffalo Creek Drainage.  The Big Sky Field Trial Club would once again like to thank the landowners whose generosity makes our trials possible.  Numerous landowners allow us access to their pastures and fields.  Tom and Shannon Nygard are also due great thanks for the use of their house, which sits pretty much dead center of all the courses, for the club banquet.  Unfortunately, Tom and Shannon's house suffered water damage due to a pipe break shortly before the trial, but they still opened their home to the club.

Along with landowners, support from corporate sponsors as well as is a great help.  Tuffy's Nutri-Source once again generously donated a pallet of their top quality dog food.  This was much appreciated.  Several of the local trialers already feed Tuffy's and a couple of the winning recipients of the food in the past have switched to Tuffy's.

The club would also like to thank the many Canadians who made it down for our trial.  Long distances must be traveled to compete in Region 14 and we would like to acknowledge those that were able to make it to our trial.

Friday morning started of with some wind, by Friday afternoon the wind was howling.  With the wind, many dogs had trouble getting their birds pinned, and some handlers had trouble getting the birds flushed.  Many unproductives resulted.  The number of birds seen though, was encouraging.  Saturday was a much more moderate day, and by Sunday afternoon the temperatures were starting to get rather high for this time of year.

The Big Sky Open Shooting Dog Classic ran eight braces total, starting Friday morning with breezy conditions , and growing to very windy conditions before the day was over.  These conditions certainly made bird finding difficult as the day progressed.  Our winner, taking home the Gunn-X Stainless Steel Pistol and custom made holster by WindFall Leather Works was Flatland's By Design, owned and handled by Dave Pearson.  Dee ran in the first brace Saturday morning.  She had a strong ground race and two finds.  Her second find had many temptations since her bracemate was involved with the large covey of sharptail she was pointing, yet she managed to maintain good manners and composure throughout.

The first brace on Friday morning produced our second place dog, Dave Noell's Our Rowdy Friend.  Rowdy had a good ground race, one sharptail find, and one unproductive.  Dave's veteran setter did not seem overly affected by the wind or the hour long brace.

The last brace on Friday produced our third place dog, Shannon Nygard's young setter, Glory Attack Jack.  Jack pushed the other two winners with his ground race under very windy conditions, and had a divided find on sharptail.

The first brace of the all age derby produced our first and second place dogs, Jobar's Big Sky Pete, owned by John Junnila,  ran a very strong well directed race.  His bracemate, Rock On, owned by Doug McKenzie, did a commendable job on the ground also.  Third place, Northern Prairie Lights , owned by Glenn Conover ran a good, snappy race with five finds.  Several of which were of some distance, displaying good derby manners on each of them.

In the all age, first place was awarded to Flatland's Big Show, Dave Pearson, with a very strong all age race.  Second was Black Crude Joe, owned by John Junnila, with a strong race and a good find.  Third place went to Ride The Trail, owned by Butch Nelson.  Trail was placed on ground race.

The final stake of the trial, the shooting dog derby was won by Winchester's Juno, owned by Tim Owen.  Juno ran a very good shooting dog race with numerous pieces of mature derby birdwork.  Second and third place were bracemates,  Glory Attack Jack, owned by Shannon Nygard, and Rock On, owned by Doug McKenzie.  Both dogs were placed on ground race.

With the encouraging number of birds seen this spring, and the hope of good weather in the upcoming nesting season, the Big Sky Field Trial Club looks forward to a bumper crop of birds for this August's Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship and the Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship.
Terry Walsh with Flatland's By Design,  Dave Noell with Our Rowdy Friend, and Shannon Nygard with Glory Attack Jack

Standing: Dave Pearson, Michelle Tansey, Barb Junnila, John Junnila(Judge), Butch Nelson, and Tom Nygard

Monday, March 29, 2010


April 16, 17 & 18

Generously Sponsored by Tuffy's Dog Food

GROUNDS: Scott Brown Ranch, 10 miles north of Circle, Montana.  Take Highway 13 north to mile marker 10, turn east for 1.5 miles and follow the “field trial” signs.

DRAWING: Thursday, April 15th, 8:00 pm at the Wooden Nickel Bar and Restaurant, Circle, Montana.

COURSES & GAME:  Starts 8:00 am daily.  Multiple courses, native Sharptail Grouse, Hungarian Partridge, & Pheasant.  No smoking or training on grounds.  No ATVs on any of the courses.


  Judges: John Junnila, Billings, Montana and Austin Turley, Laurel, Montana

OPEN ALL-AGE (30 MIN)…………….……...….....…..ENTRY FEE: $35

Please note that lunches and the Saturday night BBQ are included with your entry.

Big Sky Open Shooting Dog Classic is listed as a National Amateur Invitational points trial.

First place will be awarded a GunX, stainless steel .209 Starter Pistol and custom leather holster and pistol lanyard by Windfall Leatherworks, 2nd will earn custom pistol lanyard by Windfall and gift certificate and 3rd will earn gift certificate. Tuffy's Dog Food Company has generously donated a palette of dog food to disperse to winners of all stakes.

DERBIES: Dogs must have been whelped on/after January 1, 2008.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Camping available at the trial grounds.  Motel accommodations at Travelers Inn Motel – (406) 485-3323, Circle Montana.

Entries to: 
Austin Turley -  (mob.) 406.860.7161
or Dave Noel - (home) 406.248.6351, (mob.) 406.861.6818

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Great Falls Spring Club Stakes

Member AFTCA
March 27 & 28, 2010

Grounds:    Trial Grounds on Ulm Bench, above the Ulm Pishkin, 15 miles west of Great Falls.

Drawing:    Friday, March 26, 2010, @ 7:30pm at Mary's Midway, Vaughn Frontage Road.

Starting time:  At  the discretion of the chairman.

Courses &
        Multiple courses, native Sharptail, Hungarian Partridge, Pheasant


Open Shooting Dog (30 min.)                                   $35.00
Open All Age (30 min.)                                              $35.00   
Open Derby (All Age Stds. - 30 min.)                      $30.00
Open Derby (Sh.Dog Stds. - 30 min.)                      $30.00
Amateur Shooting Dog (30 min.)                             $35.00
Puppy Stake (20 min) (as time allows) To be Determined
        (To be run at the Clubs discretion)



        Motels:  Holiday Inn Express         406-455-1000
        Crystal Inn                                   406-727-7788
        Motel 6                                        406-453-1602

Dinner:      Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ Mary's Midway

Judges:    To be announced at drawing.  Blank Ammunition only & plugged barrels

Entries To:    Field Trial Chairman
                       Glenn Conover

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The 5th Annual Big Sky Open Shooting Dog Classic (2010 model) will commence on April 16 and carry through the 18th to be held, once again, on the storied Scott Brown Ranch in Circle, Montana. Chairman, Austin Turley, announced this year that first place will be awarded an Alpha .209 starter pistol with a custom leather holster by Windfall Leather Works. He also announced that Tuffy's Dog Food has once again generously donated a pallette (21 bags) of dog food to the trial to disperse amongst the winners. Companion Big Sky Field Trial Club stakes will also take place.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Member AFTCA
 February 20 & 21, 2010
Grounds:    Trial Grounds on Ulm Bench, above the First Peoples Buffalo Jump(a.k.a. Ulm Pishkin), 15 miles west of Great Falls.

Drawing:    Thursday, February 18, 2010, @ 6:00 pm at the home of Glenn & Shawn Conover,  Vaughn, Montana.

Starting time:  At the discretion of the chairman.

Courses & Game:    Multiple courses with native Sharptail, Hungarian Partridge, and Pheasant


Open Shooting Dog        30 min.        $35.00
Open All Age            30 min.        $35.00   
Open Derby             30 min.        $30.00


Accommodations & Motels: 
        Holiday Inn Express      406-455-1000
        Crystal Inn                406-727-7788
        Motel 6                406-453-1602

Judges:    To be announced at drawing.

Blank Ammunition only & plugged barrels.

Entries To:
        Field Trial Chairman
        Glenn Conover