Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thank You! to the residents of Circle, Montana

The Big Sky Field Trial Club would like to thank the landowners of the Buffalo Creek drainage who have generously allowed us to hold our horseback, pointing dog competitions on their properties.  For approximately the last five years we have been privileged to hold our competitions on their land. 

Due to the quality of grounds that we are allowed to compete on, the plentiful birds that inhabit those grounds, and the hospitality that is displayed to the contestants by both the landowners and the community, the semi-annual competitions have become popular to contestants from afar.  This past August in excess of 50 contestants from across the U.S. and Canada came to Circle to compete.  They came from such states as Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Dakota, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho as well as our own Region 14 (Alberta, British Colombia, Saskatchewan, and Montana).  These contestants spent the better part of two weeks in Circle.  Hospitality was shown by the numerous businesses which were frequented.  To name just a few: Travelers' Inn, Wooden Nickel, VFW Club, Kay's Family Dining, Corner Bar, Stockman Lanes, Schmidt's Super Valu, all the fueling stations, and the Kuchen Kottage.

The stewardship of the grounds we are allowed to compete on is second to none.  The birds which inhabit these grounds are plentiful to say the least, in no small part due to commitment of the landowners.  The land has great cover, abundant tree rows, accessible water, planted foods for the game (both upland and big game), as well as the farmed crops which surround the area.

The Big Sky Field Trial Club recognizes that we are extremely fortunate to be able to enjoy these grounds as well as this community.  We have tried to show that appreciation by giving back to the community as we are able.  Over the past five years we have regularly contributed to community groups that have been brought to our attention by the landowners.  This has included the Redwater Valley Ambulance Service, Circle Junior Rifle Club, and the Circle Swimming Pool Fund.  We realize that the generosity the landowners have shown us can not be equaled, but we hope that through these donations, our thanks to them, and our actions we can let them know how much we appreciate all they have done for both us and the land they so finely steward.

If you are curious about just what it is that we are doing, you are more than welcome to come. If you own a horse, bring it and ride with us. If you would need to borrow a horse, we will make certain you have one to ride. We would love to show you our sport and why these trials have become so highly regarded.

With the holiday season fast approaching, The Big Sky Field trial Club would like to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a Prosperous New Year.  We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

On behalf of The Big Sky Field Trial Club,

Austin Turley

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