Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Use of shotguns at Montana SD Championship

There have been recent inquiries into whether or not the Montana Shooting Dog Championship will allow the use of .410 shotguns, with approved blank loads, during the 2009 trial. Following conversation between the co-chairs it was decided to maintain the current standing of manufactured barrel guns only. The advertisement has been run and that ad will dictate the running of the trial.

There are several reasons for this decision:
  1. Region 14 of the AFTCA, in which the Big Sky Field Trial Club is a member, has decided not to allow them and voted this way at the 2008 AFTCA Trustees annual meeting.
  2. There is no relevant history of shotguns being used in Region 14, and Montana in particular, based horseback field trials.
  3. Many of the Landowners in the region are not excited about the use of shotguns on their property.

Keep in mind that Region 14 has attributes of territory that include both Canada and the United States. The use of shotguns in Canadian based trials is wholly another matter given the nature of importing guns from the U.S. to Canada.

Additionally, however, the Big Sky Field Trial Club announces that it will consider the potential for their use at the 2010 trial at the annual meeting in November.

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