Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Sky Shooting Dog Classic Results

The 2009 Big Sky Shooting Dog Classic is now in the history books. 15 dogs competed for the early season title and Railita, white and liver pointer female, owned and handled by Austin Turley, emerged the winner. The competition was earnest and judges had much to ponder in their placements. Watch here for a full report soon.

Open Shooting Dog Classic

Railita - Austin Turley
Black Crude Joe - John Junnilla
Lone Mountain Magique - Sean Kelly

Accompanying stakes resulted in the following placements:

Open All Age

Lone Mountain Reliant - John Mandell
Lone Mountain Tourist - John Mandell
Light Rail - Shannon Nygard

Open derby (All Age):

Protemus Hill Grace - Austin Turley
Dixie Chic - Tom Nygard
Prairie Heat - Glenn Conover

Open Derby (Shooting Dog):

Carbonado Triple Play - Austin Turley
Arcata - Sonny Clark
I B Anxious - Tom Nygard

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Be Prepared for the Weather!

Forecasts are for weather in the Circle area to be wet and chilly all this week with the prospect of breaking over the weekend. For those of us in the Northern Plains this is a typical spring weather pattern but it certainly necessitates coming to the Big Sky Shooting Dog Classic well prepared for a variety of possibilities. Cold weather, wet weather clothing is a must have for this weekend and muck boots would potentially add to one's comfort. The temperature is forecast to be in the mid 40's to low 50's throughout the weekend. Be smart! Come prepared!

See you this weekend.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

North Dakota HB 1499 fails to pass!

Please find below some VERY good news from Sherry Ebert. We all have Sherry and others to sincerely thank for sticking to this mission and getting this done. Many might feel that just because they do not train they are not effected but if this came to be in ND it could easily come a neighboring state. Please read the note below and the request from Sherry who has worked so hard to stop this action- Be sure to get your license before training to prevent any future excuses to change this fought after situation. Any one wishing to THANK Sherry can email her at ....... The prairies give our dogs the opportunity be the Champions they come to be........... so please pass this on to anyone who could benefit from this message.

Shannon Nygard R14 Secretary

Subject: Bill #1499

Well we did it !!! the bill went to senate floor a few minutes ago and failed so to my understanding that means the law will go back to the way it was with no changes. I think we are very lucky that we got this turned around and must advise everyone that they must stay within the law the way it is written and do not jeopardize the welfare of all that want to train in N.D. I do feel that if something goes wrong again it will not be the same results. Also I was talking to some game officers and they think that there will be more checking this year since this problem has been brought up. Be sure that all the amateur's that come to the camps and stay for awhile to work their own dogs get a license, it is only $25 and could save allot of problems. I do not know the address of all the trainers to E-mail them all so maybe some of you could help out with that. Again thanks for all the help. Sherry

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big Sky Shooting Dog Classic on schedule!

The prairie is looking good from a recent blast of snow and rain. Reports are that there are good bird populations brewing in the Circle area. The trial is on schedule and we are all ready to have some fun. Make your plans! Entires to Austin Turley @ 406.860.7161or Dave Noell @ 406.248.6351 or 406.861.6818. Motel choices are Traveler's Inn in Circle @ 406.485.3323 or Sherman Inn in Wolf Point @ 406.485.3323. Camping on grounds as well. Saturday banquet on grounds and lunches included with entry. Ad for the trial is in the March 14, 2009 issue of The Field. Hope to see you there!